"You break it, we fix it"

Friday, October 2, 2009

Rate: 250 dhs / hr
Over 20 years in business in Canada and the Middle East.
8 years in Dubai.
We listen, then we solve.
We are able to do a wide range of odd jobs, including the following.
Services Indoors:
  •  Assembly/setup of new appliances and new furniture
  • General Maintenance in Villa and Flats
  • Laptop/Computer setup
  • Wireless/ethernet home Network setup
  • Radio control vehicles, setup and repair
  • Appliances repair (only those past warranty, pls)
 Services Outdoors:
  •  Custom-made shade over your pool
  • Custom-made, insulated sun-shelter for your cold-water supply tank
  • Help and advice in DIY home work-shop setup
  • Shelving/DIY workspace design; built according to your plans and budget
  • Pagoda/garden-shed setup
  • Install plant climbers/trellises
  • Jungle gym, swing set, outdoor furniture setup
  • Barbeque set up
  • Small engine repair
  • Seasonal tuneup - motorbike, dunebug, seedoo
  • Help for all multi-person tasks in automobile restorations
Rob: 050-745-9491